Aysha Shaik

Aysha Shaik is an international singer of Italian origin. She discovered her vocation for  singing and psychology as a child, but she came into contact directly only in adolescence, thanks to Mubistudio Recording where she recorded her first LP in Italian “title: Rispondigli” ( 1999-2000), in honour of her  disabled brother, who uses a wheelchair  following a road accident.

She worked like singer in differt country descovering the Middle East, the area where she currently lives, going back and forth with Italy.

After graduating in psychology, at the age of twenty-two, she followed her passion for singing and travelled  to  Japan,  China, the Emirates and India, places which she fell in love with and started to learn more about their customs, languages and their methodology of singing. Aysha Shaik is curious, she  loves travelling and discovering and understanding new things.

She has toured the world on an ultra-luxury yacht and cruise ships, like “Regent”, travelling across continents and the most fantastic countries of the world.

Aysha Shaik sings and writes her songs in English, French, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese and she also speaks Japanese.

This is how “Multilanguages Dance Pop Music” was born, a dance and pop music project created by a fusion of musical cultures like Dance music, Regaton, Jazz, Techno, Indian  and  Arabic music. The originality of this project is that Aysha writes and sings the lyrics of her songs in 8 languages, mixing them  within a single song.

Living in countries one completely different from other, has made her understand more deeply people, cultures and  different religions also in a psychological and social way .

Especially in  Asia she has found  kindness and spirituality, energetically pure places where you can breathe hospitality and respect  in the air.

Her purpose is to unite people in the world through music, composing songs, which are appropriate and comprehensible to all nationalities, thanks to the fusion of musical cultures and the use of many languages ​​within a song…  Uniting people  with a network of high frequency energy given by dance music.

Aysha Shaik was teacher in different school (singing class of “Liceo musicale” in Riccione and in her private school “Medici’s school” ).

She is a specialist in clinical psychology and she is qualified in hypnosis, non-verbal communication, bioenergetics and reiki. She is also an expert in sound hypnosis.


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